Service Manager/PRD

Posted: 5/26/2020

Location: Decatur, GA

Position Type:


  • Report directly to Resident Manager.
  • Supervise all members of the service and grounds staff.
  • Internal contacts include on-site personnel, Regional staff, and corporate home office (training, personnel, etc.).
  • External contacts include residents, vendors and prospects.


The Service Manager supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in maintaining and repairing physical structures, utility systems of buildings, and grounds.



 Support the Resident Manager in Operating the Property

  • Know the Five Basics of Successful Management.
  • Review and abide by all policies contained in the Company and Management Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • Comply with all safety policies, practices, and procedures. Report all unsafe activities to Resident Manager or Regional Manager.
  • Confer with Resident Manager to identify, plan, and develop methods and procedures to obtain greater efficiency.
  • Process and schedule service requests and initiate follow-up procedures, including calling Residents and obtaining feedback regarding the maintenance  Process all completion records.
  • Assist with gathering information for periodic reports.
  • Participate in proactive team efforts to achieve property and company goals.
  • Provide leadership to others through example and sharing of knowledge.
  • Supervise outside contractors working on the property.
  • Coordinate services, such as trash collection, extermination, or carpet cleaning.
  • Record data concerning work assignments, personnel actions, and time cards, and prepare periodic reports.
  • Ensure compliance with federal laws regarding Equal Housing, Equal Employment Opportunity, and OSHA.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

       Oversee General Preventative and Corrective Maintenance and Safety of Physical Property

  • Diagnose and arrange for repair or maintenance to the following on a daily basis: electrical, plumbing, HVAC and heating systems, appliances, flooring, windows and window treatments, roofing, guttering, fireplaces, ceiling fans, walls and ceilings, locks, stairs, railing, and any other physical structures on the exterior or interior property as needed.
  • Perform or coordinate any necessary maintenance in the office, clubhouse, models, pools, etc.
  • Be alert to physical problems seen in the course of work and notify the Resident Manager of any repair work needing an outside contractor.
  • Identify and inform staff of all emergency cutoffs, and prepare map indicating the same.
  • Work with vendors when necessary on special maintenance projects.
  • Implement all Emergency Procedures (i.e., sewer back-ups, burst pipes, fires, etc.) in conjunction with the Resident Manager.
  • Maintain a schedule of periodic/preventative maintenance for the property.
  • Schedule and perform corrective maintenance tasks in an effort to avoid replacement costs.
  • Review catalogs and other reference materials to select and recommend new supplies and maintenance methods to improve property operations.
  • Direct workers engaged in grounds maintenance activities, insuring that the curb appeal of the property is maximized. Ensure that the property is clean and free of debris.
  • Inform Resident Manager of all areas where the property is operating below Company standards or property’s potential.
  • Maintain all service records and the care of all equipment.
  • Maintain and control all mechanical, automotive equipment, and tools used by the maintenance department.
  • Ensure that all units are inspected annually and that outstanding maintenance items are addressed according to company policy.

       Oversee and Coordinate Resident Service Requests

  • Process and schedule service requests and initiate follow-up procedures, including calling Residents and obtaining feedback regarding the maintenance
  • Perform maintenance service personally or delegate to service technicians.
  • Review and inspect repairs and work order reports and observe progress of work to evaluate efficiency and work quality.
  • Manage a system for handling resident service requests and work orders, correcting situations within 24 hours when possible.
  • Confer with Resident Manager to schedule and coordinate service personnel availability – 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week – for emergency on-call service.

        Maintain High Levels of Resident Satisfaction (Insure that residents are happy and satisfied as indicated by a high level of renewals and few complaints)

  • Promote harmonious relations among residents.
  • Regularly seek to understand and anticipate a resident’s needs.
  • Investigate resident complaints concerning malfunctions of utilities or furnished household appliances or goods, and inspect vacated apartments to determine need for repairs and maintenance.
  • Ensure that service requests are attended to in a timely and efficient manner and that corrective action is done as soon as possible.
  • Follow-up with residents on services performed to ensure resident satisfaction.
  • Insure that residents are provided with clean, safe and well-maintained homes.
  • May assist Resident Manager in resolving tenant complaints concerning other tenants or visitors.

        Perform Maintenance Required for Move-In/Market-Ready

  • Ensure that all vacant units are market-ready for occupancy in a timely manner and that they conform to Company standards. Perform final unit inspection with Resident Manager when completed.
  • Oversee all work or services completed by outside vendors and contractors.
  • Direct and supervise all service staff in the preparation of market ready units.
  • Inspect all appliances, plumbing, window treatments, flooring, etc., and make any necessary repairs or assign to staff.
  • Inform Resident Manager of any repair work needing an outside contractor or replacements of any major appliances necessary.
  • Ensure that a Market-Ready Inspection is completed for each unit punched, and given to the Resident Manager to be filed.

       Supervise and Build an Effective Management Team

  • Assist with recruiting and hiring qualified individuals for an effective service and grounds staff.
  • Ensure that each staff member is trained and follows all Company and Management Policy and Procedures. Conduct orientation training of new employees and in-service training of other employees to explain company policies, work procedures, and to demonstrate use and maintenance of equipment.
  • Ensure that staff is in uniform and that all work is done in a safe and workman-like manner.
  • Instruct staff on safety standards and proper use and guidelines for wearing safety items, i.e. safety goggles, gloves, etc.
  • Responsible for educating employees in, maintaining records, and ensuring compliance with EPA and OSHA laws and regulations.
  • Operate as the leader of the maintenance team. Clarify expectations and establish goals for staff.  Have regular staff meetings.
  • Train the Service Technician or Assistant Service Supervisor (if applicable) to assume all duties of the Service Manager in the event of the Service Manager’s absence.
  • Direct work activities of service and grounds staff including scheduling and assigning specific tasks and responsibilities to each member of the staff.
  • Maintain the inventory and condition of supplies, materials, and equipment issued to service and grounds employees.
  • Collect, review, and approve timesheets in a timely manner every pay period, and forward to the Resident Manager for submission to the Payroll department.
  • Evaluate staff performance and give feedback regularly, including annual performance evaluations.
  • Achieve cooperation among staff while building trust and loyalty to the Company.
  • Recognize superior performance and correct inferior performance on each maintenance employee.
  • Work towards developing staff for upward mobility within the Company and Management.
  • Provide leadership to others through example and sharing of knowledge.

         Assist the Resident Manager in Developing, Implementing and Adhering to Budget

  • Assist in preparation of annual budget by forecasting property’s needs for the fiscal year, then implement and operate within its guidelines, while maintaining quality company standards.
  • Develop and implement and inventory system for selection of the best supplies and maintenance techniques and to insure proper buying habits.
  • Authorize supplies/parts and vendor services purchased while remaining within the established budget amounts. Obtain Resident Manager approval on expenditures that exceed budget.
  • Monitor and control overtime worked by maintenance staff.
  • Plan long range schedule of major repairs on units with the Resident Manager, such as reroofing or painting exterior of dwellings.
  • Ensure that the property is physically operated to Company standards while in conformance with the annual operating budget.


Maintenance is interrelated to the total operation of the apartment community.  For this reason, maintenance cannot be isolated or segregated from other property functions.  Maintenance is not just “maintaining property,” but it means operating efficiently so that all areas of the community are affected in a positive manner.  Maintenance is the “blanket of good will” on the property.



Supervise/manage/direct the selection, training, development, appraisal, and work assignments of personnel.  The Service Manager supervises the following positions:

Service Technician

Service Technician/Punch




Perform other duties as assigned by Resident Manager, Regional Manager, or Principal.

May be requested to help at other Carter-Haston properties including “on-call.”


One to three years related experience and/or training; or Bachelor’s degree from four-year college or university; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.  Ability to write routine reports and correspondence.  Ability to speak effectively before groups of residents or employees of the company.


Ability to add/subtract/multiply/divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions, and decimals.  Ability to compute rate, ratio, and percent.


Prioritize, organize, and delegate assignments.


As required:  HVAC certification, EPA certification, Pool certification

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