Posted: 4/30/2020

Property: Cumberland on Church - Nashville, TN

Position Type: Apartment Community (Service Maintenance)


  • Report directly to Service Manager and Resident Manager.
  • No supervisory responsibilities.
  • Internal contacts include on-site personnel, Regional staff, and corporate home office(training, personnel, etc.).
  • External contacts include residents, vendors, prospective residents, and other community contacts.


The Custodian/Housekeeper is responsible for cleaning vacant units to prepare for occupancy and for maintaining cleanliness in various interior and exterior common areas as directed by the Service Manager and/or Resident Manager.



Support the Service Manager in Maintaining a Positive Staff Attitude

  • Know the Five Basics of Successful Management.
  • Review and abide by all policies contained in the Company and Management Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • Comply with all safety policies, practices, and procedures. Report all unsafe activities to Service Manager or Resident Manager.
  • Participate in proactive team efforts to achieve property and company goals.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

        Clean Vacant Units to Make Ready for Occupancy

  • Clean and prepare vacant units for occupancy and make market-ready utilizing the Market-Ready Inspection form. Ensure that all vacant units are market-ready in a timely manner and that they conform to Company standards.
  • Inspect and clean bathrooms: scrub sinks/toilets/tubs, clean floors and cabinets.
  • Inspect and clean kitchen: clean refrigerator/range/other appliances; scrub countertops, cabinets, and floors.
  • Sweep and vacuum entire unit.
  • Replace broken or missing pieces to appliances, such as drip pans, shelves, etc.
  • Inform Service Manager of any repair work needing an outside contractor or replacements of any major appliances necessary.

        Maintain Daily Cleanliness and Curb Appeal

  • Use various cleaning solutions, i.e. bleach, degreaser, wax, ammonia.
  • Use broom, vacuum, buffer, and/or steam cleaner to clean floors.
  • Sweep and clean around breezeways, front office porch, parking areas, and maintenance or supply rooms.
  • Clean leasing/management office and restrooms, including dusting, vacuuming and emptying trash.
  • Restore models and show units to demonstrating condition, including vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning restrooms and kitchen area.
  • Clean clubhouse, fitness areas, and restrooms.
  • Clean laundry rooms, including sweeping and removing dust from machines.
  • May sweep pool/spa area and arrange pool furniture. Empty pool/spa area trash cans.
  • May maintain dumpster areas, including picking-up trash left outside dumpster, cleaning, and sweeping the area.

        Complete General Preventative and Corrective Maintenance and Help Maintain Property Safety as directed by the Service Manager

  • Be aware of all emergency cutoffs.
  • Perform corrective maintenance tasks in an effort to avoid replacement costs.
  • Be aware of the condition of the property and immediately notify Service Manager of or correct unsafe conditions, i.e. burned out lights, etc.
  • Inform Service Manager of all areas where the property is operating below Company standards or property’s potential.

        Maintain High Levels of Resident Satisfaction(Insure that residents are happy and satisfied as indicated by a high level of renewals and few complaints)

  • Promote harmonious relations among residents.
  • Regularly seek to understand and anticipate a resident’s needs.
  • Insure that residents are provided with clean, safe and well-maintained homes.

       Assist the Service Manager in Adhering to Budget and Maintaining Inventory

  • Periodically inventory supplies, and request manager to purchase supplies as needed.
  • Obtain Service Manager approval on any expenditures.
  • Monitor and control overtime worked.
  • Ensure that the property is physically operated to Company standards while in conformance with the annual operating budget.


The exterior, grounds, curbs, and driveways of the property should always appear neat and maintained, as this is a prospective resident’s first impression. Hallways and common areas should be uncluttered and inviting. Market-ready units should conform to company standards.  Property appearance and market-ready status is interrelated to the total operation of the apartment community.



No supervisory responsibilities.  General supervision: routine duties are performed with minimal supervision; occasional check of work while in progress; work is reviewed upon completion.


Perform other duties as assigned by Service Manager, Resident Manager, or Regional Manager.


May be requested to help at other Carter-Haston properties.


No prior experience or training necessary.


Ability to read a limited number of two-/three-syllable words and to recognize similarities and differences between words and a series of numbers.  Ability to print and speak simple sentences.


Ability to add/subtract two digit numbers and to multiply and divide with 10s and 100s.  Ability to perform these operations using units of American money and weight management, volume, and distance.

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