Community Manager/ NCC/ Full Time

Posted: 6/8/2020

Location: Nashville, TN

Position Type:


  • Report directly to Regional Manager and Principals.
  • Supervise all members of on-site management staff.
  • Internal contacts include on-site personnel, corporate home office(accounting, training, personnel, etc.) and accounting service.
  • External contacts include residents, vendors, prospective residents, and other community contacts.


The Resident Manager is responsible for motivating and supervising on-site staff, leasing available units, retaining current residents, closely monitoring revenues and expenses so that net operating income meets or exceeds expectations and insuring that the property is effectively maintained within budgeted guidelines.



  • Manage the Apartment Community
  • Know the Five Basics of Successful Management.
  • Review and implement all policies contained in the Company and Management Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • Participate in proactive team efforts to achieve property and company goals.
  • Accountable for overall financial operations in relation to variable property expenses and income.
  • Ensure compliance with federal laws regarding Equal Housing and Equal Employment
  • Comply with all safety policies, practices, and procedures. Report all unsafe activities to Regional Manager or Principal.
  • Process and schedule work orders and initiate follow-up procedures, including calling Residents and obtaining feedback regarding the maintenance .
  • Supervise outside contractors working on the property.
  • Coordinate services, such as trash collection, extermination, or carpet cleaning.
  • Record data concerning work assignments, personnel actions, and time cards, and prepare periodic reports concerning occupancy, capital expenses, etc.
  • Execute all necessary administrative paperwork to provide for the efficient operation of the community (i.e., invoice transmittals, payroll, SODA transmittals, etc.).
  • Complete and submit all required reports in an accurate and timely manner (i.e., Monday Morning, Monthly Variance, Capital Expenses, etc.).
  • Document and follow-up on all correspondence pertaining to legal transactions.
  • Conduct surveys of local rental rates and prepare market surveys quarterly.
  • Manage petty cash fund and process reimbursement requests.
  • Directly responsible for implementing all Emergency Procedures for the community (i.e., fire, flood, theft, etc.).
  • Responsible for overseeing and implementing an O&M Plan, if necessary (i.e., proper maintenance of buildings with asbestos).
  • Attend periodic staff meeting with other property managers and regional manager to discuss company policies and to make recommendations to improve service and ensure more efficient operation.
  • May contact utility companies to arrange for transfer of service for residents.
  • May clean public areas of buildings and make minor repairs to equipment or appliances.
  • May organize community social activities and monthly newsletter.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Collect Rents and Security Deposits and/or Service Fees.
  • Make Daily deposits according to property’s prcess.
  • Daily review of rental collection status and follow-up with delinquents.
  • Maintain accurate records of rent collections in the one site management software program.
  • Prepare the necessary documents required to refer any uncollected Resident rent to an attorney or collection agency. Submit these documents to your Regional Manager for approval and legal direction.  Follow-up and document all correspondence pertaining to legal transactions.
  • Collect security deposits and/or service fees from residents and record date and time of collection on the lease as well as log information into on-site management software program.
  • Inspect apartments immediately after the Residents have vacated and determine the amount of the security deposit to be refunded and/or forfeited. Process SODA Transmittals in a timely manner in accordance with state law.
  • Maintain High Levels of Resident Satisfaction(Insure that residents are happy and satisfied as indicated by a high level of renewals and few complaints)
  • Promote harmonious relations among residents. Resolve resident complaints concerning other residents or visitors.
  • Investigate resident complaints concerning malfunctions of utilities or furnished household appliances or goods, and inspect vacated apartments to determine need for repairs and maintenance.
  • Assist new residents that are moving in by notifying them of community procedures, parking, office hours, rent drop boxes, mail, etc.
  • Insure that residents are provided with clean, safe and well-maintained homes.
  • Insure daily that the lawns, streets, walks and amenity and common areas are clean and well-maintained.  Train employees to be aware of the appearance of the community.
  • Inspect the property two or three times per week and include periodic visits to all residents.


 Marketing And Leasing

  • Coordinate a marketing strategy for your property with Regional Manager or Principal.
  • Assist with the marketing of the property to traffic and prospective residents.
  • Show apartments to prospective residents and explain occupancy terms, community procedures, parking, office hours, rent drop boxes, mail, etc. Inform prospective residents of availability of nearby schools, shopping malls, recreational facilities, and public transportation.
  • Lease apartments and negotiate renewals within Management and Company Policy. Approve or disapprove each rental application.
  • Contact credit bureau to obtain credit reports on prospective residents.
  • Review and execute prepared lease agreements (the Resident Manager is the only person authorized to sign leases).
  • Inspect pre-leased apartments two (2) days prior to the move-in date.
  • Verify the status of market-ready units. Determine which units are to be shown to prospective residents.
  • Review occupancy reports to ensure that applications, selection of residents and assignment of dwelling units are in accordance with the rules and regulations.


 Supervisory Duties and Responsibilities

  •  Recruit and hire qualified individuals for an effective staff.
  • Insure that each staff member is trained and follows all Company and Management Policy and Procedures. Conduct orientation training of new employees and in-service training of other employees to explain company policies, work procedures, and to demonstrate use and maintenance of equipment.
  • Responsible for educating employees in, maintaining, and ensuring compliance with OSHA laws and regulations.
  • Operate as the leader of the management team. Clarify expectations and establish goals for staff.  Have regular staff meetings.
  • Train the Assistant Manager (if applicable) to assume all duties of the Resident Manager in the event of the Resident Manager’s absence.
  • Direct work activities of office and leasing staff in processing applications, collecting of rents and accounting for monies collected.
  • Direct and coordinate activities of maintenance staff engaged in repairing plumbing or electrical malfunctions, painting apartments or buildings, or other maintenance functions, and performing landscaping or gardening work, or arrange for outside personnel to perform such repairs.
  • Process all necessary paperwork for payroll. Collect, approve and forward timesheets in a timely manner every pay period.
  • Evaluate staff performance and give feedback regularly, including annual performance evaluations.
  • Recognize superior performance and correct inferior performance.
  • Work towards developing staff for upward mobility within the Company and Management.
  • Provide leadership to others through example and sharing of knowledge.
  • Supervise/manage/direct the selection, training, development, appraisal, and work assignments of personnel.  The Resident Manager supervises the following positions:

    Assistant Manager

    Leasing Agent

     Service Manager

    Service Technician




Develop, Implement and Adhere to Budget

  • Assist in preparation of annual budget by forecasting property’s needs for the fiscal year, then implement and operate within its guidelines, while maintaining quality company standards.
  • Authorize supplies/parts and vendor services purchased while remaining within the established budget amounts. Obtain Regional Manager or Principal approval on expenditures that exceed budget.
  • Review monthly financial statements and submit the Monthly Variance Report in a timely manner.
  • Plan long range schedule of major repairs on units or buildings, such as reroofing or painting exterior of dwellings.


The following skills, knowledge, and personal characteristics are desirable for job success:

High Rise Management and/Or Multi-family property experience is highly desired.

One to three years related experience and/or training; or Bachelor’s degree from four-year college or university; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

One Site software experience.

Strong Organizational Skills.

Able to delegate in a fast pace environment.

Customer service skills, supervisory and High Rise management  is highly desired.

Detail Oriented.

Ability to work with little to no supervision.

Above average communication skills.



Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business reports, financial statements, technical procedures, or government regulations.  Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and respond to common inquiries or complaints from residents, regulatory agencies, or members of the business community.  Ability to effectively present information and respond to groups of managers, residents, vendors, and the general public.


Ability to work with math concepts such as analysis of variance, budgets, and statistical inference.  Ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical solutions.


Proficient WORD and EXCEL


Well-lighted, heated and/or air-conditioned indoor office setting with adequate ventilation.  Some outdoor exposure to changing weather conditions (for instance, rain, sun, snow, wind, etc.).



Over 100 lbs.        Rare need (less than 1% of time)

Up to 100 lbs.       Rare need (less than 1% of time)

Up to 50 lbs.         Occasional need (1-33% of time)

Up to 25 lbs.         Occasional need (1-33% of time)

Up to 10 lbs.         Frequent need (33-66% of time)



Regular – approximately 40 hours per week


Occasional exposure (1-33% of time) to outdoor weather conditions.

Moderate noise level.


Minimal overnight travel (up to 10%) by land and/or air.


It is essential that the property manager maintains a positive attitude toward the residents and takes responsibility for resident relations.  We are a service-oriented business, and our success is based upon good resident relations.



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